Monday, May 22, 2023

Sweet Sherbet Summer Sippin'

Rainbow Sherbet Sparkling Water
- Target 

Did you know, it's "sherbet?" Not, "sherbert." 

I definitely grew up pronouncing it, "sure-bert," and didn't think twice of it. Until a college (English) professor of mine went on an, admittedly adorable, rant about this misnomer being one of her biggest pet peeves. I can still hear her voice in my hear strongly emphasizing the "bet," in "sherbet."

Wherever you are professor, I always say sherbet now, and apparently, so does Target. 

There were two limited edition flavors from Target's Spring/Summer collection, a cherry vanilla, and this Rainbow Sherbet. Personally I thought the cherry vanilla was a bit of a boring choice, that's a flavor other sparkling beverages offer year round, and doesn't particularly make me think of warmer weather, but sherbet? Now that's more on-theme. 

I actually spotted these a while ago and shared them on my Instagram where my friend and foodie colleague, Candy Hunting excitedly picked them up the very next day. They cracked into their bottles before I did and gave me a heads up that this stuff was seriously carbonated, and they were right. As soon as I opened the cap I could tell this was super carbonated. Much more-so than other brands of sparkling water. Heck, I have a second-hand soda stream I got off Facebook marketplace that I use to make my own bubbly waters, and even if I hyper charged that thing, I don't think it could make something this carbonated. It's impressive. 

Once I got past the bubbles, the scent was absolutely delicious. It's sweet, creamy, citrusy, with lime, orange and sweet raspberry. It smells authentic AF, and I am very excited to take a sip. 

First sip, it's carbonated alright, and like most flavored waters, the "flavor" is more-so an aroma than an actual taste. If I pinch my nose and take a sip, it's juts bubbly water. Un-pinch my nose, and take a sip, there's zesty lime, sweet raspberry, and a mellow orange bringing up the rear. It's bubbly witchcraft, and I am 100% into it. 

That said, it doesn't "taste" like sherbet, but it does smell like rainbow sherbet, and that works out just fine for me. I really like this a lot, and I am glad I bought it, but the excessive bubbles are making me feel a little more heartburn-y than I would like. Even so, 10/10 would drink this again. But, if you are a soda drinker, this won't be enough to convert you to the ways of the bubble-water.

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