Thursday, June 6, 2024

Everything But the Everything - Big & Bold Popcorn Duet

Big & Bold Duets
- Ollie's Bargain Outlet

Jumping right into it! 

Opened, if I really get in there, I can detect some onion seasoning but it's just popcorn. Nothing of note. 

Visually, it looks like normal unflavored popcorn too. Did I get duped? Not a speck of seasoning or flavor in sight. Maybe all the seasoning is white and it just blends in? Seems a little sketchy. 

I scooped up a handful, Immediate disappointment. 

It's bland and under seasoned. After a few handfuls I believe that the majority of the bag is actually unflavored popcorn, (that is under salted to boot!) I think a few pieces are everything-flavored, which basically means it has a mildly sweet and creamy onion flavoring, and some of them are cheesy. The cheese flavored pieces aren't evoking cream cheese, it's more like Smartfood white cheddar. Which is great! I love that stuff. The problem is there's not enough of it. The rest is just normal unflavored popcorn. It tastes light and air popped, but there's no salt, no butter, no onion, no cream cheese. 

It's as if someone took one cup of cheddar popcorn, a scant cup of onion popcorn, and them mixed it with 4+ cups of unsalted or unseasoned popcorn. 

Big & Bold?" this is not. 

This is another product that I wouldn't refer to as, "bad," just poorly executed. I like the concept, I like that it is vegan so I can share it with my little cousin who has dairy sensitivities, but it's too bland to be satisfying. Serving specific dietary needs is great, but this doesn't deliver. I could easily air-pop my own popcorn, whisper "cream cheese and onions," into the bag and likely have the same experience through the power of suggestion alone. 

Actually, I bought this (and a bunch of other treats) because I had my little cousins over for the weekend. We had a ton of fun playing games, making crafts, and dancing! I also made us a little book to review snacks together. I like finding foods that fit dietary needs that still taste good and that everyone can enjoy together. 

This was the first one we tried. The older girls and myself thought this was only 1-2 star-worthy, but it is worth noting the youngest thought this was a 5/5. Honestly she went off the scale to even call this a 10! Shocking the rest of us, but she really did seem to like it. So, as always, personal preferences vary. 

Since 3/4 of us found this very bland and disappointing, it'll be a no from me, dawg. 

Normally I don't do the whole star rating thing on here, but I did with the girls, so this is a 2/5. Edible, not bad, but not worth buying again. 

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