Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pumpkin Supreme Pie - Pumpkin 2012 Haul

Pumpkin Supreme Pie - Aldi : Medford, NJ
I am collecting all of my pumpkin posts from last year and re-posting them here on Blogger to make a comprehensive collection. Here is the original Tumblr post.
(It's my boyfriend’s Birthday! <3)
I still have a few lingering pumpkin items around, but they’ll be mixed in with Halloween and other fall-treats.

 I decided to save this pie for last to sort of celebrate the past 3 weeks of pumpkin goodness.
The images on the box make this seem like a normal sized pie, but it definitely feels much heavier and denser than any pie I have ever made, then again this supreme pie is basically a pumpkin pie topped with a pumpkin cheesecake and whipped cream. This pie is not for those who are counting their calories.

Opening it up, I can already see that there isn’t much pecan topping at all, at least not as much as in the box’s photo. I am not a huge fan on pecans in my pumpkin pie, so this wasn’t a loss for me, It just didn’t look quite like the photo (then again, what ever does?)
Being a ready-made chilled dessert, there really isn’t any smell.
This is definitely a decadent dessert, when I took the first bite the pumpkin cheesecake layer took over. It is rich, creamy, and pumpkin-y! The pumpkin pie layer enhanced the cream cheese pumpkin flavor and made it even stronger, while the pecans on top added a nice crunchy texture.
I was surprised how strong the pumpkin flavor was in this pie, and I enjoyed it, but I would prefer a warm home made pumpkin pie any day. (I am not a big cheesecake fan, so maybe those of you who are would like this more.)
On a pumpkin-y scale of 1-5 (5 being extremely pumpkin-y) I would rate this a 4.5.
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