Thursday, June 27, 2013

Strawberry Starburst Water Ice - Rita’s

Strawberry Starburst Water Ice - Rita’s 
I actually totally forgot all about this, so it’s been sitting in my freezer for a while. (Oops.)

My sister used to work for Rita’s, and every once and a while she visits her old store to buy the latest flavors. About a month ago she got me this little cup of the Strawberry Starburst water ice to review. (And I tossed it in the freeer and forgot about it. Sorry Manda.)

The packaging is nothing really special, so I’ll skip over it and focus on the flavor.
Unlike most frozen desserts, this actually has a scent. This smells sweet, like cotton candy, but it doesn’t quite replicate the Starburst candy aroma.
Taking a taste…it’s almost 100% spot on. To me the actual strawberry Starbursts have a bit of tangy-ness to them, which this water ice lacks, but the overall flavor is pretty authentic.

I am guessing the Swedish Fish flavor was so popular that Rita’s has decided to expand their candy flavored water ice line. If so, I am excited to try more.

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