Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wild Ophelia Beef Jerky Bar - Target : Moorestown, NJ

Wild Ophelia Beef Jerky Bar - Target : Moorestown,  NJ 
These were part of my Target chocolate haul. The packaging looked as interesting as the flavor combinations, so I grabbed two different bars to review.

I was impressed because this package design has quite a bit of detailing. It starts with the outside cardboard box with it’s bright colors, embossing, and bold text. The attention to detail doesn’t end there, because Inside that box there is this bright, neon red, cowgirl patten of wild horses, the WO logo, flowers and horseshoes. I really liked all the detailing and the patterns, but when I got to the bar itself and it was in a plain foiled plastic wrapper with a boring geometric pattern. After such bright colored and patterned packaging, it felt out of place. (Maybe add the pattern to the silver packaging so more people can see it. You only see the beautiful pattern if you rip the box open like I did.)

After unwrapping, I could instantly smell the chocolate. It was sweet with no bitter notes, but there were salty and pepper-corny undertones. From the smell alone, I wouldn’t be able to tell that there was Jerky in this chocolate. If anything I might guess that this was a bacon bar.

The lights from my photo setup start to melt chocolate pretty quickly, so I had to hurry up and take a taste before it melted into nothingness. (You can see a finger print melted into the chocolate in one of the photos, and that was just from unwrapping it.)

Right away I can taste some salty smokey flavoring mixing with the chocolate. As the candy begins to melt you can feel tiny little bits of jerky against your tongue. The sweetness from the chocolate and the salty, peppery, jerky really mix nicely together. Every once and a while you can find a grain of salt that really enhances both the jerky and the chocolate flavors too.

Overall, I feel like this was almost the same as a bacon bar. (Maybe if there were larger bits of jerky throughout the candy it would have had more jerky-flavoring.) I’m not sure if I would buy this flavor again, but it was really fun to try it once.

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