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Quickie Review: Mocha Kreme Doughnut- Krispy Kreme - Collingswood, NJ

Mocha Kreme Doughnut- Krispy Kreme - Collingswood, NJ 
Krispy Kreme's Caramel Coffee Kreme doughnut was pretty impressive, and it actually tasted like coffee and caramel. My coffee addicted boyfriend loved it, and I really enjoyed it too, so I highly recommend grabbing one before this flavor disappears. Now, let's see if the Mocha version is worth checking out.
There is a small hole in one side where the filling was injected, just like a classic creme or jelly doughnut, and it is topped with a coffee creme icing and chocolate piping. The doughnuts featured on the website have the chocolate piped into little coffee bean shapes, but our local Krispy Kreme simplified the beans into little blobs. Visually, I think the caramel doughnut is more appealing, but this isn't half bad. (I have seen much uglier doughnuts.)
Once cut in half, you can see that there is a generous amount of chocolate filling inside. (Much more than my cookie dough doughnut from Dunkin'.) The filling has a light, whipped consistency, similar to chocolate mousse, and it smells like chocolate and fried dough. There wasn't much of a coffee aroma with this specific flavor, but it might taste stronger than it smells.

I took a bite, and it's worth noting that this doughnut was a lot less messy than the caramel, but the flavor was disappointing. From what I can tell, all of the coffee flavoring for this entire doughnut is in the beige-y icing on top. The filling and chocolate drizzle just taste really sweet and chocolatey. If you dissect the doughnut and eat the filling separately, the chocolate mousse-like filling does have a mild coffee flavoring, but when you eat the entire doughnut together the dough and chocolate overpower everything else.
If any of you have ever baked a chocolate cake (from scratch of course,) you know that a little bit of instant coffee can enhance it's flavoring. I think that is what is happening with this doughnut. The coffee flavoring is enhancing the chocolate to the point where it is outshining the coffee.

So, if you really like coffee, you should get the caramel doughnut. If you really like chocolate, go with this one. Personally, I am not a coffee fanatic, but I really liked the caramel version a lot more. This Mocha version was yummy, but I won't miss it when it disappears from the menu.
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