Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hello Kitty Halloween Mix (Jelly Belly) - gift

Hello Kitty Halloween Mix (Jelly Belly) - gift
If Hello Kitty is actually a little girl, does that mean she's being a cat for Halloween?

Here's another Halloween themed treat, although I'm pretty sure all four of the flavors featured in this mix are available year round, the packaging and color/flavor combination is Halloween exclusive, so I figured it was worth a post.

This Halloween mix features Hello Kitty, a adorable haunted house illustration and a purple-heavy color scheme. It's simple, but bold, and the tiny bow-print detailing at the top of the bag is a really nice touch. Although I think this packaging is really meant to target Sanrio and Hello Kitty fans who would buy anything with the characters' faces on it, the layout and color choices are quite appealing to the general public. (At least I thought so, but I am a sucker for spooky illustrations.)

It turns out the the flavors inside this bag are just as purple-heavy as the design for this bag. We have two purple-colored flavors, a slime-green, and a bright pumpkin-y orange.

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like this is a really weird combination of flavors. Sure, they look great and Halloween-y together, but the things I love about Jelly Belly beans is that I can mix them to make new flavors, and none of these seem very mix-friendly. This is one of those items where I feel like the company got wrapped up in a color/holiday theme, and didn't really pay much attention to the flavors of the actual candy.

I poured the candies onto a plate, and they look nice and festive! Let's see how they taste. (Other than the orange, I haven't had any of these flavors before.)

Island Punch ( grey-ish purple) - Very artificial and a bit hard to describe. It has a tangy fruitpunch-like flavoring that I can't quite place, mixed with a hint of raspberry. It's nothing like a Hawaiian Punch or pineapple-based punch drink, maybe this is guava I'm tasting? Whatever it is, I wasn't really a fan, and this was my least favorite of the four.

Wild Black Berry (dark purple, almost black) - Sweet but tangy with a jam-like finish. It doesn't recreate the flavor of a fresh black berry, but you can tell what they were going for. This isn't one of my favorite fruity flavors, I wouldn't buy a bag of it individually, but it was enjoyable. I really liked the richer jam-like flavors towards the end.

Orange Sherbet (orange) - My favorite of the four. This flavor is sweet and creamy, and I think it is exactly the same as the orange and cream flavored Jelly Bean I have had before. It tastes just like orange cream soda and orange Creamsicles. I love it!

Kiwi (green) - Kiwi fruit are something I grew up eating, it was a childhood favorite of mine, and this is no kiwi. What is this? The flavoring kind of reminds me of artificial watermelon, but not quite as sweet. Maybe "watermelon rind-y" is a good way to describe this flavor. It wasn't awful, but it definitely wasn't kiwi. If I thought of it as watermelon then it was pretty enjoyable, but if you're looking for kiwi fruit, you'll be disappointed.

I feel like a lot of these mini Jelly Belly Mix bags are aesthetically pleasing, like the Frozen themed beans that I reviewed HERE, but the flavors inside just aren't worth the price tag. Unless Jelly Belly starts making new flavors that are exclusive to these mini bags, I suggest sticking with their normal samplers. (I usually buy the huge bag from BJ's for my boyfriend near Easter. It has 50 different flavors and he's a huge Jelly Belly fan.) 
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  1. I know the Kiwi Jelly Belly aren't authentically kiwi, but I always had a weakness for that flavor.