Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tic-Tac Be Mine Mix - Target: Marlton, NJ

Tic-Tac Be Mine Mix - Target: Marlton, NJ
Let me start out by saying that neither of these flavors are new. Wild cherry was released as a stand alone flavor back in 2011, and strawberry has been in a few mixes since it's release, including the Strawberry Fields and Strawberry Fusion.  I picked this up because 1) it was on sale and 2) I've never reviewed either of these flavors before. Well, I guess I kind of reviewed cherry back in July with Tic-Tac's Summer Ice Pop mix, but maybe there's a difference between normal cherry and wild cherry? I very much doubt it, but I figured these were cheap enough to take the risk.

The flavors may not be new, but at the very least, I had fun photographing them.

The plastic packaging is the same as it's always been. It's the perfect size for purses or pockets, it's sturdy, and it's recyclable. This is a classic example of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." There's not much to talk about here, the label design and logo have had minor tweaks here and there to keep the layout fresh, and this specific flavor has a few Valentines-y details scattered about to make things festive, but it's the color of the candies inside that really make this product pop. I think it looks pretty nice for what it is, and it's certainly festive. (Plus it was fun to photograph.)

It's pretty obvious what's inside, I mean, the packaging is see-through after all, so you know you're getting two different colors and flavors.

Red (Wild Cherry):
Just as a suspected, it's no different from the cherry flavor from the Summer Pop mix I reviewed before. It's sweet, artificial, and fairly generic as far as cherry flavoring goes. This is the same nearly iconic generic flavoring as cherry popsicles and lollipops. It's pleasant, and sweet, but it is what it is. A tiny little artificially flavored cherry candy.

Pink (Strawberry): This was my favorite of the two. It's almost like an artificial strawberry jam, or lemonade. It's sweet, a little bit tangy, and there's just something about it that's really hard for my to place flavor-wise. I want to say that it's slightly minty, but it isn't really. The ingredients list dried strawberries and lemons, so that must be where the jam and lemonade notes are coming from, but I am not too sure about this oddly mint aftertaste. Then again I am not too knowledgeable about candy chemistry and all these ingredients. I like this flavor, but it's not quite an authentic strawberry, and it's not quite artificial. It's weird, but enjoyable.

Overall, I'm happy I bought this little package of holiday Tic-Tacs. Sure, the flavors aren't all that special or "limited," but these were fun to photograph and they were fun to eat. They'll be a nice fruity pick-me-up while I'm on the road or at work.
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