Thursday, April 23, 2015

Boom Chicka Pop Lemon Drop Kettle Corn - Target: Marlton, NJ

Boom Chicka Pop Lemon Drop Kettle Corn
- Target: Marlton, NJ
Here's one of the goodies I scooped on on Easter clearance. I was originally going to buy one of those Peep-shaped lollipops, but this bag of popcorn was the same price. One lollipop versus a whole bag of popcorn? I think I made the right choice.

Every time I see this brand on the shelves I sing THIS song by Superbus inside my head. The brand name just fits into the song so well! "Boom-Chicka-Pop!" (I went to Paris for three days way back when I was in middle school, the best thing about my trip was watching the French version of MTV and learning about foreign pop music. If you like Tchi-Cum-Bah check out my favorite song, Lola)

Enough rambling and pop music, on to the review!

I've had Angie's popcorn before, but I haven't tried anything from this specific line. I think Boom Chicka Pop is just a line of flavored kettle corns, is that right? Are the other Angie's flavors just non-kettle corn style? Apparently not, this Angie's new label and they're moving away from the older Angie's bags. I can't even find the older flavors and bags mentioned on the website, and the website itself has changed to Boom Chicka Pop. I guess Angie's is changing their overall branding to this from now on, which is more modern than what they used to have, but I did like their older bags too. I'm a little sad knowing they're now gone.

Since this was a special spring flavor, it's packaging is a bit snazzier than the rest of the line. The plastic packaging has the same velvety smooth matte texture, which is one of my favorites because not only does it feel less cheap, it also photographs really nicely, but this time we have all these snazzy stripes in the background to add some visual interest, and there are a few spring themed shapes at the top too. Other than those little add-ons, the rest of the design is pretty much the same. (Although this does have metallic foiled lettering. Which was reflective and a big pain in the butt to photograph.)  Same font, same layout. After looking at this, the non-striped Boom Chicka Pop bags look really boring. I like this bag design, it's bright and playful, and I'd like to see some of this visual interest added to the staple flavors in the near future.

I opened up the bag and the popcorn inside has that typically sweet kettle corn aroma, but it's mixed with an even sweeter white chocolate drizzle and decent dose of lemon. The scent isn't a slap to the face, but it's much stronger than I expected, and really appealing. Kind of like the lemon flavored Golden Oreo, or the lemon flavored Girl Scout cookies.

I poured some into a container to get a better look, and it seems like whatever drizzled coating they have going on here is very unevenly dispersed. Some pieces have a lot, while many have none at all.

I grabbed a few of the more heavily drizzled pieces and popped them into my mouth. The texture is the same as any other drizzled popcorn, which has that slightly stale feeling due to the moisture of the drizzle, but it's not bad or off putting. As for the taste, it's not as strong as it smelled, but it's really delicious. The flavoring reminds of me a lemon flavored breakfast cereal. It's light, a little crispy, sweet, and a bit like some kind of Froot Loop-flavored popcorn.

The pieces with more of a coating are obviously sweeter and more flavorful, but every piece has a slightly sweet lemony flavoring that I can't seem to get enough of. There's also a tiny hint of salt that helps to break up the sweetness, and that's really sets this apart from other drizzled popcorns. I normally find them to be way too sweet, but this has just the right hint of saltiness to keep everything balanced.

Yup, I definitely made the right choice buying this popcorn. I really really enjoyed it, and now that I'm nearing the end of the bag, I feel the urge to go out and buy more. (But I can't. Damn you Target and your snazzy spring items!) This is a great seasonal flavor, it's bright, a little tangy, and salty. With so much going on it prevents your taste-buds from getting bored, and I really hope this flavor returns next year.
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