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Strawberry Shortcake Croissant Doughnut - Dunkin' Donuts

Strawberry Shortcake Croissant Doughnut - Dunkin' Donuts
How could I go to Dunkin' Donuts for coffee and NOT get a doughnut? That's just unnatural.

I already had plans to go to Dunkin' on my way home to grab the pistachio iced coffees (reviewed here), but right before my work day ended I saw Matt Zion's post that there was a new doughnut available for spring 2016. I figured, why not kill two food-review-birds with one stone and try both in one go?
Strawberry Shortcake Croissant Doughnut? The flavor name sounds really decadent and delicious, doughnut looks really sad. It's dry, the glaze is crumbling off, and all my little icing drizzles are broken off into sugary shrapnel. It kind of looks like something you're find in a grocery store box that's past it's prime. It looked like this in the display case, and it was the last of this flavor they had in the shop, so it's not like I mangled it on the drive home or anything. Plus, the creme injection sites are right there on top of the doughnut. I'm pretty sure those are supposed to be on the bottom visually, we're not off to a great start. (Yet the promo image looks so nice!)
The doughnut smells sweet, but fairly generic, like the normal pink-iced strawberry doughnuts you can buy at Dunkin' year-round.

Since I haven't had much success with Dunkin's filled doughnuts in the past (they always put way too little or none at all), I grabbed a knife to cut this in half to find some of the filling before I ended up biting it into oblivious searching for it.
Welp, I don't know about you, but I don't see any creme in there. Dammit Dunkin'!  At least the fluffy croissant layers look really appealing and flakey. I took a bite....
and there it is! Finally! There's some strawberry creme in here after all, and you know what? It tastes good to boot! This is probably the best Dunkin' Donuts doughnut I've ever reviewed on the blog! To be fair, I consider Dunkin's doughnuts to be a slight step above those Entenmann's or Tastykake doughnuts you can buy in the grocery store, so even though this thing is yummy it still doesn't come close to a fresh Krispy Kreme doughnut, and it's no where near as good as the ones you can get in gourmet shops, or the Amish market, but for Dunkin'? This is really awesome. 

The outer croissant dough part was crispy and fluffy, although it was a bit stale from sitting in the case for however long it was, the icing was sweet, and the filling tasted like their usual creme filling whipped up with some strawberry jam. It was only a little processed tasting, and pretty light as far as fast food doughnuts are concerned.

Not bad at all! Since I WILL be going back for another flavored ice coffee in the near future, I think I might buy another one of these. (Hopefully it'll be fresher and therefore even better.)
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  1. I agree with this review! I don't even like strawberry food items, but I love this donut!!