Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Project 7 Build A Flavor Half and Half -Target

Project 7 Build A Flavor Half and Half -Target
Okay, I've reviewed enough Project 7 products by now, you guys know I'm head over heels for the company's message, their packaging, and their aesthetic, but their products tend to be hit or miss when it comes to quality. The mints? Always awesome! The gum? Not so much. I've talked about the packaging and design in tons of other reviews, so I'm going to get right to it. How does this mix hold up? 

Front Porch Lemonade - tangy, sweet, lemon-y. It delivers everything it promised. A little powdered lemonade mix-y, but still, really refreshing and enjoyable...but I knew that. Since I reviewed it and loved it last summer.
Sweet Tea - is a new flavor for me, and I think it might be new to the Project 7 line just for this mix. On it's own it's very....weird. It starts with a sweet and authentic tea burst with tons of sweetness, but as you chew the flavoring changed to this really bizarre artificial sweetener flavoring with a hint of over steeped tea. For the first few seconds I thought it was great, but that quickly changed into me wanting to spit it out. The sweet tea flavoring is too over steeped and overly sweet for me to enjoy. Hopefully lemonade helps...

Half and Half Mixed (1 & 1) - NOPE. Sweet tea is too powerful. The one lemon doesn't balance it out at all!

Half and Half Mixed (1 tea & 2 lemon) - Getting better. The tea gum is still too overpowering. At this rate I think it'll take 3 lemons to one tea flavored piece to create a decent Arnold Palmer flavoring...but I rather just eat the Lemonade ones all on their own.

I love this company, I love their designs, I love their branding, but their products never live up to the hype. Most of their flavors taste strongly of artificial sugars, and with these Build A Flavor packs, one flavor is always far superior to the other. I will always love Front Porch Lemonade, it's a fantastic and refreshing gum flavor that I love chewing as I drive to work with the windows down enjoying the summer heat. This tea flavored gum? It's reeks of fake sugar and the taste of it lingers in my mouth. I can see this sticking around long after the gum is gone and giving me a headache...so would I recommend this duo? Nope! But I would still recommend grabbing a stand alone pack of the Lemonade.
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  1. They should amp up the tea flavor and just a pinch of sugar.