Monday, June 13, 2016

Bubble Puccho Ball Vitamin Gold Candy -Asian Food Market

Bubble Puccho Ball Vitamin Gold Candy -Asian Food Market
Cute packaging will be the death of me. (And my wallet.) Every time I walk into the Asian Food Market I leave with a bag full of adorably designed goods and food products. (And usually a steamed bun from the bakery which never survives the car ride home.) Here's one of the more interesting items I picked up during my last Asian Food Haul!

Adorable packaging strikes again! I hate most energy drinks, but this packaging was too cute to pass up! It looks like a little bottle with a twist off cap and everything! Fun shape, playful imagery, bright colors, playful mascot AND it's resealable? There was no way I was leaving this at the store. Even though I'm not entirely sure I'll like the candy inside...I love the packaging.
I opened the "bottle" and inside are a few hard candies. It's a small pouch, so you only get...7 pieces inside!? Really? Okay, that kind of sucks, but I'm not even sure if I'm going to like the taste of this maybe that's a good thing.
The candy itself looks a lot like Super Lemon or Super Ginger.

It's a large, spherical, hard candy with a powdery coating and some kind of center. I (still) can't read Japanese, but from what I can see on the package it looks like it has some kind of chew or gummy based core and the candy itself is flavored like Vitamin Gold energy drinks, which are a vitamin C-heavy energy drink in Japan. My best guess is that this is going to be a sour, fizzy, citrus flavored candy with a chewy let's jump right on in to see if I was right!

I popped the candy into my mouth and all I can say is WOW.

This thing is super fizzy! This isn't just a light dusting of sour fizzy powder, it's a really thick coating, so thick you can scrape it off with your teeth, and even though it's not as intensely sour as other candies (like Warheads) the fizziness really blew me away! It feels like the candy is floating or spinning on your tongue due to all the fizzy bubbles this coating produces. On the sour scale, this is about a Sweettart-level sour tanginess, but the foamy fizziness is one of a kind. I have nothing else to compare this too, but it sadly doesn't last all that long. Maybe 45 seconds to a minute at the most. Even though it's short lived, I really enjoyed the added texture and the flavoring reminded me of a lemon meringue pie. (Due to all the fizzy foam.)
Once the coating is gone you're left with a sweet citrus hard candy. It tastes like a mix of orange and lemon, but there could be a few other less common citrus flavorings tossed in there. At times it gives me Ecto-Cooler or Mandarin orange vibes, but it has it's fair share of tanginess too. Kind of like an Ecto-Cooler lemonade. It's really refreshing and very summer-friendly, but it does have a slight hint of that chemical/medicinal flavoring vitamin drinks tend to have. (This has actual vitamin C in it, so that makes sense.)

I tried to do a bite-through shot to show you guys the core, but the candy just shatters into bits, and the core is an opaque white color and hard to photograph anyway. Once I got to the core it was surprisingly stiff, similar to the stiff gummy mix-ins in Puccho chews, and it has a slightly zestier lemon-heavy citrus flavoring. It reminds me of the lemonade Kasugai gummies I love, but a LOT stiffer. If you have loose dental work, this gummy center is NOT for you...but it tastes really awesome!

I bought this because it had cute packaging and it was something I had never seen before, figuring it would be a fun novelty, but I really liked this product a lot! Normally I hate energy drinks, but this candy is fizzy, sweet, refreshing, tangy, and it tastes like an Ecto-Cooler Arnold Palmer. (Half Ecto Cooler, half lemonade....I gotta invent that.) If you love fizzy citrus sweets, this is a fantastic candy! I highly recommend it, but the fizziness is pretty intense. I ate two candies in a row while writing this review and the roof of my mouth is a bit raw. So these things are NOT joking around with the vitamin C and citric acid...but even so, I'd still repurchase. (If I can find them. These seem pretty hard to find these days.)
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