Sunday, November 19, 2017

Hot Lattes, Straight From The Toaster

Vanilla Latte Pop-Tarts - Walmart
I know these are old news, and no one cares anymore, but I'm cleaning out my pantry and I've got quite a few backlogged Pop-Tarts to review, so I'm going to do my best to knock them all out this week! First up, Dunkin' Donuts Vanilla Latte!
If you ignore the obnoxious bright yellow and red VALUE PACK (in all caps, no less), the visuals for this box are oddly soothing. We have a sandy beige Pop-Tart with nearly identical beige icing, a squiggle of white, and a swirling blue backdrop. Not bad for a dual-branded mash-up! I really wish the whole Value Pack thing was subdued a little, but I can live with it.  
On the back, we have the usual comic panels with some stale jokes...if you can really call them jokes. Only one of them is kinda pun-y, the rest are downright pathetic. Pop-Tarts, you can do better. This is bottom of the barrel bad. Moving on! 
Speaking of moving, these survived moving to my new home, so it's safe to say they're a bit beat up. If there is a single Pop-Tart inside that is still intact, I'll be shocked! 
I opened the box, and the Pop-Tarts inside were wrapped in the usualy silver plastic pouches, and inside that was a surprisingly sturdy beige Pop-Tart! 
The corners are a little worse for wear, but that's all crust, and we all know the crust is the worst part of Pop-Tarts, so it's a blessing in disguise. The pastry smells sweet, like vanilla icing, with a hint of instant coffee. It's too sweet to make me think of a real cup of coffee, but it reminds me of the coffee and doughnuts flavored ice cream I really enjoyed a few years ago
When eaten uncooked, right out of the box (which is how I usually eat them) the pie-crust exterior is dry and plain, like always, and the filling inside is sweet, sugary, and a tiny bit coffee-like. It's not a POW in-your-face coffee flavoring, but it is there. Again, it reminds me a lot of the coffee and doughnuts ice cream, due to the intensity of the vanilla and overall sweetness, but there's just enough coffee in there to make this feel more grown up. 
Toasted, the icing layer gets a bit more caramelized, giving me Brown Sugar Pop-Tarts kinds of vibes, but the coffee intensity stays about the same. It's mild, sweet, and enjoyable, but it's just barely coffee-like.  
Coffee lovers, you'll be very disappointed by this one, but all-in-all, it's not a bad flavor. I think fans of vanilla sweets and ice cream would enjoy it quite a bit. As for me, I like it too! It's a sweet pick me up that tastes more breakfast-y than other flavors, but I can't see myself every buying more than one box. Unlike the Dunkin' Donut Oreos which I absolutely loved! 
PS: Are these limited edition? It doesn't say so on the box and I still see these on the shelves at my local Walmart, so I'm not sure if they just have old stock or if this is a permanent flavor. 
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