Monday, November 20, 2017

Not a fan of vanilla? How about Mocha?

Dunkin' Donuts Mocha Pop-Tarts - Walmart
The companion Pop-Tart to yesterday's review, today we have Chocolate Mocha! 
Kind of a redundant name, don't you think? With "mocha" the chocolate is usually implied. I mean, a cafe mocha is milk, espresso (some times places use plain ol' coffee) and a hint of chocolate. It's like calling chocolate milk, "chocolaty chocolate milk."  Perhaps the chocolate here refers to the chocolate pastry shell? Oh well, enough semantics, let's eat!
This box mirrors the oddly serene vanilla one, inside of a soothing blue, we have a warm amber-brown color with the same swirling vortex backdrop, flavor-specific imagery, and the same obnoxious VALUE PACK text at the top. Since these are warmer colors, the yellow top doesn't feel as out of place as it did on the other box, but of the two, I like the Vanilla packaging more. (Who drinks coffee out of clear glass mugs though?) 
Inside the box are packs of Pop-Tarts with the classic silver wrapping (I think the gold-wrapped peanut-based flavors are the only one that use a different colored packaging.) 
Unwrapped, the pastry inside smells just like Riesen chews! A childhood favorite of mine. It's a complex chocolate aroma that is almost like taking Hershey's chocolate syrup and mixing it up with instant coffee powder. This might taste better than I thought!  
Untoasted, it's pretty Riesen-like! The filling has a chooclate syrup favoring, with an Oreo-cookie-like finish. I love it, but there's something missing. Coffee. There are no real coffee or espresso notes to be found, but the filling in this Pop-tart offers a more mature take on chocolate than the normal chocolate/fudge themed Pop-Tarts I've had in the past. If I were in their marketing department, I'd try to strike a deal with Riesens and re-release these under that moniker instead. 
If you like Riesens as much as I do, you can pop these in the freezer (instead of the toaster.) It makes the filling denser and more chewy. When toasted, the filling gets softer and a little fudgier, but there still aren't that many coffee notes to be found. It's more like a dark-chocolate based cocoa pastry. 
Again, coffee addicts will be disappointed by this flavor, but fans of dark chocolate, or Riesen's candy, will find that this is pretty darn good! It's my favorite of the two Dunkin' Donuts flavors and if this somehow replaced the classic Fudge Pop-Tart, I'd be a happy camper.  
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