Thursday, January 16, 2020

Taste The Rainbow of Nostalgia

Mentos Rainbow- Five BelowThe 
When was the last time you bought Mentos? At one point, back when their catchy theme song ruled the world, they were one of my favorite candies. If Tic-Tacs and Starbursts combined to create a crunchy, chewy, minty baby, it would be Mentos. One day I just stopped buying them. No rhyme or reason really, but they seem to be doing just fine without me. I see them in every checkout aisle, and they keep releasing cool new flavors overseas (which make me incredibly jealous.) Why not jump into the wacky flavor market here in the States? 
Anyway, I saw this fruity rainbow variety pack at Five Below, and I thought this might be fun to check out to get a little taste of what we've all been missing.

We have seven different fruity flavors. (Starting left to right.) 
Strawberry (pale-pink) -  Super light, a little floral, but it gets tangier as you chew. At first taste, I was really underwhelmed by this flavor and worried this mix was going to be a dud, but as I chewed the flavor brightened and got a bit bolder with some sweet cotton candy-like notes. Not too shabby, and surprisingly juicy for a fruit chew. 
Watermelon (green) -  Ooh! This one started out surprisingly fresh but it quickly turns into a tangy artificial watermelon that reminds me of other 90's watermelon candies like What-a-Melon pops and watermelon Airheads. Since watermelon is one of my favorite Airheads flavors, I like this one a lot, and I found it to be a really nice addition to this mix. 
Cherry (darkest-pink) - Tangy, juicy, and very similar to red Starbursts. If a red Starburst had a crunchy outer shell, it would taste just like this.
Orange (orange) - A very sweet and creamy take on orange, it tastes really familiar, kind of like the orange calcium chews I used to take when I was a kid. It lacks zestiness, but it's a nice way to break up all the "red" flavors. Definitely not my favorite flavor though. 
Raspberry (medium-pink) - A very generic fruity flavoring, I don't think I would ever be able to identify it as raspberry on it's own, but it does have red Haribo gummy bear vibes, which are supposed to be raspberry as well, so I'll give it that. It's a yummy flavor, but it easily gets overshadowed by some real show stoppers in this mix. 
Grape (purple) - Leans towards concord grape, with a deep fruity chew that is very similar to the Kasugai gummies from Japan that I LOVED. This is a surprisingly juicy and authentic flavor for something that looks like a giant Skittle. I am really impressed! 
Pineapple (yellow) - Starts out incredibly sweet and mild, almost like a pineapple yogurt, but the tanginess of the fruit starts to shine as you chew it and it has a surprisingly realistic finish with a slight hint of pink-bubblegum. Not bad at all! 
Wow, I think I've been sleeping on Mentos for a little too long, there are some real stars in this mix! My ranking (from best to worst) : grape, pineapple, watermelon, strawberry, cherry, raspberry, orange. Orange was the most disappointing flavor for me because it was so creamy and mild, with how bold and juicy certain flavors were I expected a refreshingly bright citrus punch, but it just wasn't there. Still, this is a pretty awesome array of flavors, and since you only get two of each in the pack, you're definitely left wanting more. 
These are something I see myself re-buying in the future, and it makes me want to seek out more of their products in 2020!
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