Monday, February 3, 2020

Strap in, It's Time For Nihilistic Mystery Gummy Worm Reviews

Sour Brite Mystery Nightcrawlers - Walmart? (I think...) 
What can I say? I just couldn't resist another mystery product. It's the J.B. Fletcher in me. These are the very first "mystery" product Trolli has ever produced, and to further fuel my curiosity, they've released the following statement: "To add to the intrigue, we do not plan to release any flavor details, so we know Trolli fans will enjoy guessing the flavor combinations in our unique Mystery Night Crawlers."
So there is no way to confirm if any of my guesses are even correct. Then again, there's a chance that they flavored these worms to taste like something incredibly specific, but didn't execute it well. 
Let's take a look at my favorite example, Oreo. For every winner, like Cotton Candy and Kettle Corn, but there are also misses, like Cookie Dough, which was still delicious, but definitely tasted more like coffee than a cookie. 
Now that solving flavor mysteries has lost all it's meaning...let's eat worms!
Inside the bag are three variations of gummy worms (or "night crawlers" if you want to be specific.)  We have white/pink, white/green, and white/blue. One the back of the bag there is a blurb that says each worm contains 2 Mystery flavors, so the white portions aren't the same, they're actually different, making 6 "mystery" flavors total. Let's get guessing! 
Green: Starts out a little skunk-y. Really hope this isn't an indicator for the quality level of the rest of the flavors. Thankfully it fades. You start to get something fruity that gradually gets bolder as you chew, but it's hard to place. I'm still not 100% sure I got it right, but I am thinking this is kiwi. It's sweet, tangy, and a little green-grape-y. 
Green-White: Oh! Okay, I think this one is definitely banana, which makes sense. Kiwi banana is a combo I've seen before in Starbursts, so it really makes sense to have the two mashed up here. Unlike Runts and other banana sweets, this is a green, tart, unripe banana that outshines the skunkiness of the green side when eaten together. Overall, this is giving me tropical Starburst vibes, and even though it isn't my favorite, I'm into it. 
Pink: Rather generic berry flavoring, and even without the sour sugar coating, it has quite a bit of tartness to it. I want to go out on a limb and say pomegranate, or cranberry, but those both seem unlikely choices for candy meant to appeal to kids. Then again, Pomegranate is often lumped in with "dark" themed mixes, so maybe it is pomegranate after all. 
Pink-White:  Honestly, it tastes sweet and sour...but nothing about this side really stands out. If I had to guess, maybe it's lychee? I feel like lychee is a fruit that is often poorly executed, and yet it's one of the most go-to mystery and exotic flavors candy companies turn to when they want to spice things up. Weak-sauce. Mixed, this turns into a generic "red" artificial cherry Icee flavoring, which is okay, but not all that unique.  
Blue: Pretty sure this one is pineapple, it's tart, tangy, and very tropical. A nice addition to the sour gummy worm world. 
Blue-White:  Bolder than the other white flavors, this one is giving me major mango vibes. When eaten alone, it reminds me of a sour version of the Mango Mango gummies from Trader Joe's, but when mixed with pineapple the two flavors get lost in one another, becoming a tropical-punch-wash-out. 
So there are my guesses. Are they right? Who knows?! 
Overall, this was a fun mix, that leans towards a tropical flavor profile with a few standouts. I really liked the pineapple, banana, and mango-like portions, but that's only half the bag, and when I shared these with my family they didn't seem to care for them very much. So Mystery Night Crawlers look to be a one-and-done product for me, but what about you?  
What do you think these flavors taste like?  
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  1. Green- Kiwi
    Green/White- Banana
    Pink- Red Apple
    Pink/White- Mango
    Blue- Pineapple
    Blue/White- Peach

  2. I think the Barber is spot on! The red was hardest to decipher

  3. Thanks for posting this! It was fun trying to guess the flavors!

  4. I think the green is Lychee not Kiwi ...that explains the odd taste in the beginning