Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Count Chocula Treats From My Stash

Count Chocula Treats - CVS Halloween Clearance 
I always go ALL-IN on the Halloween clearance aisles, but in 2019, I out did myself. Take a look at this lovely photo of me, and my dogs, surrounded by the first round of my post-Halloween haul. Everything here was at least 50% off! (Then I bought even more a few days later at 75% off!) 

We're finally nearing the end of my stash, so I thought I would take a moment to shout-out a few of our favorite items, starting with these Count Chocula cereal bars. 
Normally I am able to grab these for 50% off at Target, or Walmart, but they were both out of stock when I rolled through, thankfully, CVS still had tons left over at the same discounted rate, along with a bunch of breakfast cereals. (Don't sleep on CVS.)  
Now, this box-art isn't up to snuff. It's like the Count is using a Snapchat filter, and the background consists of uninspired shades of brown. 
Back in 2014, DC comic book artists were enlisted to share their take on the classic trio of cereal monsters, Count Chocula, Boo Berry and Franken Berry each got a face-lift and the results were so fun and fresh! (I wasn't a huge fan of the BooBerry version, but the other two were very unique!) Why aren't they using that artwork? It's still being used on the individual wrappers of the monster themed Fruit Roll-ups, but not on the boxes. It's a very odd choice that I really don't understand. 
The upside to the lazy visuals is that this doesn't look too Halloween-specific. I can eat one of these in public and no one even suspects that I am a Halloween hoarder because it looks like all the other cereal bars out there, so as uninspired as the visuals may be, they aren't without their benefits. 
Inside you get 8 individually wrapped cereal bars with the same boring packaging.
The bars are essentially Rice Krispy treats, but instead of puffed rice, they're made with Count Chocula cereal pieces, and marshmallows, with a layer of chocolate of the bottom and a drizzle on the top. It's simple, it's decadent, and it's more delicious than it has any right to be. 
As an adult, I don't get the chance to eat breakfast cereal as much as I used to (I usually skip breakfast during the week and then I feel obligated to make elaborate breakfasts on the weekends) so having a more acceptable, easy to eat, version of my favorite childhood breakfast cereals is fantastic. Plus, I got it for 50% off! 
Everyone in our household absolutely loved these and they were perfect for week-day lunchboxes. This is the last box in our pantry, and they will be missed, but if I feel a craving coming on I may just DIY some bars for myself (it doesn't seem that hard.) Still, to get the most bang for your buck, I think getting these boxes on clearance is the way to go, and I'll be buying as many as I can find next year! 
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