Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Chocolate Popcorn m&m' themed?

Popcorn m&m's
 - Wawa(?)

Sometimes I surprise myself. I cannot tell you why I bought these. I mean, I like popcorn, but I usually hate popcorn flavored things, like Jelly Belly beans, maybe it was part of my impulsive pandemic purchasing? 

I think I grabbed these at Wawa back along with that Apple Pie Kit-Kat and the Netflix themed ice cream. At the very least, it gives me something to review. So, will these be good? Bad? Or just plain weird? 

I get that m&m's are NFL sponsors and all, but can we talk about the packaging in relation to this particular flavor? Bear with me sports enthusiasts, because I am a non-sports person, they serve popcorn at football games? And if so, is there chocolate popcorn? I always thought popcorn was more of a baseball thing, and when it comes to sweets, aren't the stadium staples caramel corn, ice cream, and Cracker Jack? Am I missing a major connection here? Or is this really as random as it feels? Regardless of my confusion, the packaging is pretty cute. (I especially like the green detailing.)

When opened, the candies smell much bolder than I expected. I can smell sweet milk chocolate and the salty fake-buttery aroma of movie theater popcorn. It authentic and appealing, like those fancy chocolate covered popcorns that are sold in plastic cones around the holidays. Maybe I'll actually like this after all. 

The candies seem to be fairly irregular in shape, some are tiny, some large, and some have little conjoined twins. I know the novelty flavored m&m's tend to be odd shapes, but when it comes to crispy centers, aren't they usually more uniform? Not complaining, really I don't mind, but it's worth mentioning. 

I popped a few into my mouth and...nothing? These are all smell with little to no flavor pay off. They are still yummy, like all crispy m&m's, but that's just it. They taste like normal crispy m&m's. They might be slightly salty and buttery if you really take your time to savor the candy itself, but eaten normally, these are more scented than they are flavored. 

They don't taste bad by any means, you still get crispy centers and chocolate, so it's enjoyable, but it definitely doesn't deliver on its chocolatey popcorn promise. 

If these candies were super pungent and popcorn-y, they had the potential of being pretty artificial. So this lackluster flavoring might actually be a secret strength. If you see these on clearance and you were afraid they would be too intense, but you like normal crispy m&m's, definitely pick these up. But if you're a popcorn lover looking for an m&m-Jelly Belly equivalent, you will be very disappointed. 

I won't be buying them again, and I won't be shedding any tears when they disappear. 

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