Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Tiny Burgers, Fries, and Fruits, Oh MY! - 4D Gummies

4D Gummies - Dollar Tree

I bought these because I wanted to photograph them. I mean, look at them! They're little 3D gummy shapes of fruits and burgers and stuff. It's like, my kryptonite. But, I know what I'm getting into. After my experience with 4D Gummies (which were also from Dollar Tree) I knew these would likely be more of a fun visual novelty than a decent candy. 

So I am going into this with a healthy amount of skepticism and very low expectations. (Kind of like dating in your 30's, am I right? Self-burn.) 

Let's jump right into it!

The packaging for these products is pretty simple. Just plastic peg bags, with very simple color schemes, and some text. A slight step above no-frills, but with a very haphazard almost desert wasteland approach to design. The fruit themed bag in particular is especially barren. Thankfully the little windows showing the candies inside adds to their appeal. 

First up, mini Fast Food. A mixture of cola cups, containers of French fries, and mini burgers. 

Cola (brown x tan) - Cola flavored, it's lighter than Haribo's cola flavoring, and with a much MUCH stiffer chew. I like cola gummies, but this is just a bit too weak for me, flavor-wise.

Fries (red x tan) - A weird, generically fruity, but also Twizzler-like flavor. I can't quote place this one. It's sweet, tangy, and bright, but also on the weaker end, flavor-wise. Maybe fruit punch? I kind of get a hint of orange or some kind of citrus. Again, it's pleasant, but not great. 

Burger (red x tan x orange) - am I crazy, or is this pineapple flavored?  It's not quite distinct, or specific, but it has a tropically fruity profile. I found this shape to have the softest chew of the three, which was greatly appreciated. After a few of these my jaw actually started to get a bit tired. 

Then we have Fruits, which unlike the mini fast food items, had terrible variety. Of the four fruity flavors, there were only two pineapples, one single green apple, and the rest were grapes and strawberries. A very unbalanced mix. 
Grape (purple x green) -  Smells like Brach's fruit snacks. Again, really stiff chew, but the flavoring is pretty spot on for concord grapes. Normally I am not a fan of grape flavored sweets, but this one is decent. It's fruity, authentic, and has a juicy finish. Surprisingly decent for such a novelty product. 
Strawberry (red x green) - Not much of a smell to this one, and not much flavoring either. This is mild, but once the flavoring does get going it's mainly apple juice with a hint of berries. Kind of like cheap strawberry fruits snacks, it's bright, but mainly tastes of filler fruit with a kind of Chapstick after taste. Not as good as grape, but not bad. 

Pineapple (yellow x green) - A slightly tangy scent, but nothing to write home about. Thankfully it tastes a lot better. Bold, bright, tangy, and surprisingly authentic. Like the grape, this one is a winner, but it's a bummer I only got two in this bag. 

Apple (green x green) -  Slightly sweet scent, and it tastes like apple juice with a slight hint of Granny Smith apples. Not as bold as I wanted it to be, but not bad at all. I only got one of them, but thankfully I am not super into apple flavoring. Still, it's not bad, especially for a novelty gummy from the Dollar Tree.   

Of the two, I think the Fruits mix is the better tasting, but all of the candies have this super stiff chew that makes eating them feel like work. (My jaw hates me right now.) I understand that the candy has to be stiff to maintain it's detailed shapes, but at the end of the day, the main goal for candy is to taste good and be fun to eat. This does neither of those things perfectly. Still, for the novelty, they aren't that bad. I would probably buy these again, but not as a snack, more-so as edible decorations. 

These would make fun cake decorations, or photo props, but as a bag of candy bought purely for consumption? There just isn't enough substance to warrant picking this over other gummies on the market. 

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