Monday, January 24, 2022

Just keep Chewing - Yogurt3 Hi-Chew

Yogurt Drink Hi-Chew - Hung Vuong Market

I want buffalo chicken and Yakult flavored everything.

Yakult, is a tiny, sweet, yogurt-based probiotic drink popularized in America by the, "To All The Boys," series of movies. (Which I haven't seen.) They are easy to find in any Asian market, and there all all kinds of brands with their own takes on the drink and fruity flavor variations.  

It's typical for me to go through foodie-flavor-phases, meaning I'll get really into something and consume it until I get absolutely sick of it, but this is a particularly unique combination. To satisfy my cravings I have made buffalo chicken dip, buffalo chicken soup (which was especially delicious), a buffalo chicken casserole, and I went to H-Mart and grabbed several packs of Yakult and these candies from Hung Vuong Market.  

That said, these are not technically "Yakult" flavored candies, but we all know what they're going for.

The packaging features tiny recognizable probiotic yogurt drink bottles that say "Keep Chewing" and "yogurt 3." I tried using google translate to figure out the exact phrasing of the circled text, but the only thing I could get was "thick lactic acid drink." So, basically Yakult. I also noticed these didn't have a huge online presence. I kept finding the normal fruity yogurt themed Hi-Chew packs with this one shoppable link. So I guess this flavor is tough to find?

I was a little skeptical, after being burned by yogurt flavored candies in the past, but these deliver exactly what was promised. A bright creamy, juicy and obtusely fruity candy, similar to Yakult. All with the addictively bouncy texture Hi-Chew is known for. 

These are just fantastic, and I need to stop myself from eating the entire package at my desk.

Describing the flavor is a bit tricky if you have never had a tiny bottle of probiotic yogurt goodness, and I am aware that descriptor isn't the most appealing to my fellow Americans, so the best way to sum it up is, creamy Skittles. Not the yogurt-covered ones, but if orange and lemon Skittles were legitimately creamy. Or maybe a drinkable American Smarties candy. That is the closest thing I can liken it to. 

Bright, fruity, delicious, and chewy. These are amazing. If you ask me, this should be in the permanent flavor line-up. 

If you see these around, definitely give them a try. If you like yogurt, or creamsicles, or Skittles, you'll love these as much as I do. (I really should have bought more.) 

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  1. HiChew is the best. So addictive and it's better than Starbursts.