Monday, June 27, 2022

Gummies? For Breakfast?

Froot Loop Gummies

Like most novelty items, I thought this was a gimmick. That these would look like Froot Loops, but taste like generic fruity flavors: cherry, lime, grape, etc. Turns out, I was wrong. 

I should have known better. Froot Loop Pop-Tarts were impressively accurate. Why would gummy candy be any different? 


The opaque gummi rings are covered in sanding sugar, giving them a gritty coating that somehow evokes breakfast cereal despite the fact that Froot Loops do not have a sugary coating. 

Opened, the candy smells sweet and vaguely citrus-y. Just like actual Froot Loops. Impressive. I guess they didn't go with normal fruit flavors after all. 

I popped a few into my mouth and, it's accurate. Super accurate. So much so that it took me a few pieces before I could figure out how I felt about it. The familiar, sweet, sherbet-like-fruity flavor of Froot Loops mixed with a bouncy gummy and a sugary coating. It isn't a combination I ever thought to ask for, but it works. 

I tried a few colors individually and, like the cereal itself, I am confident in saying they all taste the same. There's no better way to describe them. They taste just like Froot Loops. 

After a few handfuls, these got too one-note for me. Flavor fatigue set in and I was done with them. But, after a few days off, I took these to work for some casual snacking and it was just as good as when I first picked it up. So your snacking milage may vary depending on your love of Froot Loops versus your love of variety. I like them, but eating a bag in one day or one sitting would likely make me sick to my stomach. 

These are very well executed, but it's not my preferred form of Froot Loop. I still prefer the classic, crunchy loop-shaped cereal bits served with milk. What about you? Do you prefer gummy Loops to crunchy ones? 


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