Thursday, June 23, 2022

Sweet Corn Turtle Chips

Sweet Corn Turtle Chips 

"Lay's Layers" aren't as new as they claim to be. If you've ever walked down the Korean snack aisle, you'd know that Turtle Chips are a light, 4-layered, snack food that has been around for years. Looking at the two products side-by-side, they're exactly the same in texture and execution, but available flavors is the one place they seem to differ. Lay's offered sour cream and onion, as well as a cheesy version for the American market, but Orion opts for flavors like vanilla, sweet bean, chocolate churro, seaweed, flaming lime, and sweet corn. If I were going to pick one based on available flavors alone, Orion's Turtle Chips are far more intriguing. So I grabbed a bag of sweet corn, and a bag of sweet bean (review coming next week) to try. 

Visually, the bag reminds me a lot of Super Lemon, and I don't think that is an accident. We have a shocked, laugh-crying, turtle character, halftone shading mimicking screen printing, a collage of general definitions, and a starburst saying "Turtle News." It's colorful, and chaotic, which certainly catches the eye. Plus the definition at the bottom is really fun to piece together. "Corn soup is soup made of corn," riveting. 

Opened, they smell more like a sugary breakfast cereal than a savory snack. More specifically, they smell like Kix with a heaping spoonful of extra sugar. It's an appealing aroma, but not what I expected. It's practically a dessert. 

I grabbed a "turtle chip," and took a closer look. It's as if a Bugle and a rice cake had a layered snack-food baby. It's so light it feels like a packing material.

I popped one into my mouth and... these are immediately addicting.

After a satisfying crunch, they practically dissolve on your tongue. The best way I can describe the texture is, like Bugles, but better. Once you get past the amazing texture, the flavor is spot on. I can taste sweet yellow corn, butter, and a hint of onion. I am hooked. The only downside is, because they are so light, the satisfaction quickly fades and I find myself eating another. And another. 

In the blink of an eye I had snacked on a handful, and I still didn't feel satisfied. They're delicious, but the lightness of their texture and flavor reminds me of Fruit Stripe gum. It tastes so good, but it's fleeting. Before you know it the entire pack is gone and you're left wanting more. I could easily destroy this entire bag. 

If you like corn potage soup, or sweet corned flavored popcorn and other snacks, you will love these. I sure do! I'll definitely be on the lookout for more flavors! 

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