Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Grim is back! - Voo-Dew Year 5 (+ Actual Flavor Reveal)

Voo-Dew 2023

Mystery Voo-Dew has once again graced us with it's ghastly presence, and I could not be happier. 

In a world where McDonald's releases sub-par Boo-Buckets with mock-lids, Burger King releases a spooky bucket only available in 5 locations, and stores roll out their Christmas wares on October 1st... Mtn Dew is a spooky-season beacon of hope. This year marks it's 5th anniversary, and I hope it stays a seasonal tradition for years to come. 

So, what has the reaper bottled for us this year? Previously, the labels and their coloring offered us a hint. 

Year One - Orange, Yellow, White, Purple  = "Candy Corn" 
Year Two - Red, Purple, Green Yellow  = "Fruity Candy" non-branded Skittles
Year Three - Light Blue, Dark Blue, Yellow Green = "Chewy Fruit Candy" non-branded Starbursts 
Year Four - Orange, Red, Pink, Blue = "Sour Candy"  

This year we have pink, green, dark blue, and red. Off the top of my head, visually, it's making me think of Sweet-Tarts. Could that be this year's reveal? 

When opened, the liquid inside smells sweet, tangy, and familiar. It's definitely not Sweet-Tarts, but it's fruity in an artificial way. Candy-like and very appealing. 

Taking a sip, it's giving me Laffy Taffy. The pink-wrapped flavors in particular, which are Cherry and Strawberry. I buy a lot of Laffy Taffy and use it as freebies for sales in my Etsy shop (it travels well) so I nearly always have it on hand, and the pink-colored flavors are my favorite. (Although banana isn't bad either. Honestly, I just hate green apple.)

My official guess? Laffy Taffy. But, given that past flavors were non-branded, maybe this will just be "taffy," flavored? Or "Chewy taffy." Maybe even, "Fruity taffy."    

Well, Dew's Reaper revealed the answer early this year, turns out I was wrong. Again. 

(But I was so close!)  

MTN Dew revealed it's flavor early and they actually did it on my birthday! The real flavor? Cherry Air Heads! Now, knowing what the true flavor really is, I can definitely taste the inspiration. It's sweet, tart, and tangy. Not bad, Voo-Dew, not bad! 

I find it interesting that this was a name-brand partnership, and a highly specific flavored one at that. Could this be a trend moving forward? I guess I'll have to wait until year 6 to see! 
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