Friday, January 22, 2021

This Candy is Older Than My Dog, Let's Eat It!

Lilikoi and Pineapple Hi-Chew - Gift...from 2016

Like many people, to kick off the new year I started deep cleaning my house and what did I find? These Hi-Chew (from 2015). Five to six years ago Marvo from The Impulsive Buy sent me these exclusive Hi-Chew from Hawaii, and I totally lost them. Deep in a box of things from my old bedroom, there they were. I hated the idea of throwing them out, and does candy ever -really- go bad? I mean, it's not like they got wet or anything...

So today I will be tempting fate, and dental work, by trying these two Hi-Chew flavors that officially expired in October of 2016. Wish me luck! 


After a quick google search, both flavors were exclusive to Hawaii in 2015, but I'm not sure if they are all that exclusive anymore. Both flavors can be bought online, and they seem to be part of the Tropical Fruit-Combo bags sold at Target's across the nation. (Which you can also get online.)

Let's jump right in!  

- I have never had lilikoi, but I think it's passionfruit? Which I have had before, but it's been a long time. I can't speak to authenticity, but the flavoring is fresh, tropical, and pretty pleasant. There is a slight musky after taste...but to be fair that might be from the fact that this is from 2016...Even so, these are still quite enjoyable, and I'm not dead, going to chock that up to a win! 

Pineapple - On the other hand, I have had plenty of pineapple. This is a sweet pineapple, similar to the clear pineapple Haribo gummi bears. It's almost creamy, and the bouncy Hi-Chew texture makes it seem extra juicy. Fans of Dole Whip might really appreciate this one due to it's creaminess. I'm into it! 

For being half a decade old, they really help up well! The chew is certainly stiffer than usual, but they soften up fairly quickly and the classic Hi-Chew bounce is still there! If there is an apocalyptic event, it's nice to know that Hi-Chew will still be good after the nuclear fallout. (Joking of course, but with how everything has gone the last year or never know.) 

If you enjoy tropical flavors, and chewy fruity candy, these are far better than any tropical Skittle or Starburst offering. I highly recommend them, but don't do what I did and wait half a decade. Eat them while they're fresh.  

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  1. how fun! gross, but fun! i was wondering if hi-chew grows mold. i guess not

  2. It's 2024 now and I just ate a green apple hi-chew from a variety bag with best before date of 2017.04.01. 7 years after best before date. Sweet, with a little rancid undertone. Still tastes like green apple. I'm sure the palm oil in it might not age well. If I was on a stranded island and had nothing else, it will do.