Thursday, December 7, 2023

I'm a Dude, He's a Dude, She's a Dude, 'Cause we're all Dudes! - Good Burger (Arby's)

"Welcome to Good Burger Arby's, home of The Good Burger, can I take your order?" 

In the year 2023 you can go to Arby's (of all places), and get a real-life Good Burger just in time to watch the sequel, Good Burger 2, on Paramount+. I don't know about you, but that definitely wasn't on my year end bingo card. (Not that I'm complaining.)

I adore the original movie. It's highly quotable, nostalgic, and features George Clinton AND Abe Vigoda for absolutely no reason. It's unhinged and I love it. That said, I don't have Paramount+, so I won't be watching the sequel. (Sorry, Kenan and Kel.) But there is a (subscription-free) tie-in meal!

It's surprising that we never had a mash-up for Good Burger like this before. Sure, Ed's food safety practices left a lot to be desired (strawberry jacuzzi!), but the food always looked GOOD. Especially Ed's mysterious orange-colored sauce. That sauce was what I was most excited for. How will it be translated into real life? I guess we'll see!

The Good Burger 2 Meal includes: crinkle-cut French fries, a Good Burger, and a strawberry milkshake. Very on-brand in concept, but it's execution it's actually quite elevated! 

The burger patty is made with a blend of Wagyu beef on a brioche bun, topped with shredded lettuce, sliced tomato, American cheese, red onion, and lots of burger sauce. Wagyu?! For Good Burger?! How fancy! 

You might notice that the strawberry milkshake isn't in my photos. That's because I got stuck in traffic and inhaled it in my car. Oops. Safe to say, it was very "good." This is a fast food milkshake, there are no seeds or fruity bits, it's likely made with soft serve and flavored syrup, but in this context, it couldn't be more perfect. It was cold, sweet, creamy, and Nesquick-y. The perfect fast food accompaniment. I drank the whole thing in my car and I regret nothing. 

As for the burger, unwrapped, there was orange burger sauce everywhere. I originally thought I would order it with extra sauce, because I'm a sauce-heavy kind of gal, but I opted for the standard way so I could give it a fair review. Turns out, this was the perfect amount for me. (Even though it was a bit messy to hold and eat.) 

Taking a bite, this is one of the best fast food burgers I've ever had. I've been sleeping on Arby's! The Simpsons did you dirty! 

Last October I ate several cheese burgers from McDonalds so I could collect the Halloween Boo Buckets, and I am sorry to those who love the golden arches, but this blows that out of the water. The burger was juicy and still ever so slightly pink in the center. 

The vegetable toppings are more in-line with other fast food burger places, like Wendy's. Enjoyable but nothing to write home about. Then there's the sauce. It's like a thinner, sweeter version of Thousand Island dressing with less relish. It complimented everything really well, and I liked it very much, but the beef patty was the real star of the show. 

Sadly, there was a subpar part of my meal. The fries. They were probably in the fryer a bit too long. A few where crispy, salty, fast food perfection, but others were extra hard and hollow inside. I still feel like they're better than my recent brush with McDonald's fries, but I would still prefer Five Guys or Checker's fries over these. Even so, I would definitely get this meal again! If it's still available this weekend, I plan on doing just that! 

When I think of fast food burger and fries, this is what I'm craving.

It's better than GOOD, it's GREAT, and I'm ready for round 2!

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