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Gone Too Soon, My Favorite Discontinued Products - Part 1

Snyder's of Hanover Brick Oven Pizza Pretzel Sandwiches 
: 2017- 2020 

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The item that triggered this entire post! I loved these pretzel sandwiches, they were bold and flavorful, and were what I remember pizza Combos tasting like as a kid. These were actually recommended to me by a reader, and were available for about three years, but they were fairly hard to find. As of today, Snyder's confirmed (via tweet) that these are officially gone. I am heartbroken. You can still buy bags online from Amazon, but scalpers are upping the prices fast. I don't have any comparable product to this, you could say there are still Pizza Combos, but they really don't taste as good as you remember. They're so dry, and honestly the pizza flavor are hard to find these days as well. (Are they next on the chopping block?)

Butterfinger BB's : 1992- 2006 

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While I am happy to see Butterfinger in general get a bit of a revival in the past two years, I still miss my BB's. They were like Malted Milk balls, but with the crispy, flakey, peanut buttery center. Bart Simpson, the once spokes-toon for the brand, used to promote these everywhere, but sometime after a controversial episode where Springfield residents set them on fire, and they didn't burn, and then Chief Wiggum stated, "Even the fire won't take them." It seems that branding partnership came to an end. I still miss these terribly, but at least I still have normal Butterfingers and Butterfinger Squares to tide me over until their return. 


Doritos Collisions : 2007- ? 

Bring Back Pizza Doritos Facebook Group

Collisions came in a bunch of flavor combinations, and my personal favorite was the pizza and ranch bag. It was my go-to depression snack, so much so that my family referred to them as my "happy chips." As cringey as that is, I freaking loved those chips, but they disappeared sometime in 2010. My favorite flavor may have died, but Collisions existed well into 2018.  Now they're nowhere to be found. For a while I could DIY a version for myself using stand alone ranch and pizza bags, but after pizza Doritos bit the dust, I was out of luck. 

Pistachio Oreo Thins
: 2018-2020 

Pistachio Oreo Thins Petition LINK, Link to my Review

This one hit me HARD. I wrote an entire post about how these were the BEST Oreo of 2018, and looking back, probably the best Oreo I had ever had in my life. The filling tasted like pistachio ice cream, and the combination of that with a thin chocolate cookie was downright addicting. I could easily destroy an entire package in a day. I had no idea they were on the discontinued chopping block, or else I would have stocked up. They very quietly just disappeared from shelves in late 2020 while we were all distracted by the world being on fire. (Sometimes literally.) RIP my beautiful ice cream Oreo, hopefully, one day, I shall taste you again. 


Stella D'oro Angenetti Cookies  
: ? - 2012 
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I am so happy I was able to find a photo of these online! My mom would buy these when I was a kid and I have fond memories of these being in my lunchbox portioned out into little clear sandwich baggies. Looking online it seems they were discontinued in 2012, but I remember my mom being unable to find them long before that. There are a few copycat recipes online I may have to try, but as far as I can tell, there is no widely available substitute in the grocery store. (You might be able to get some in an Italian bakery though!) I remember these as being very crispy, and airy, with a light anise flavoring and a sweet glaze. Maybe I'll try a few recipes and post my findings, but in the meantime I'll be looking at this photo, nostalgically, and drooling. 
Hi-C Ecto Cooler  : 1989 - 2007, Limited Release 2016  
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Freaking Ecto Cooler, man. I grew up drinking it, and watching The Real Ghostbusters, and as an adult I have gotten more and more into the Ghostbusters fandom. ("Unpopular opinion, lady Ghostbusters 2016 was NOT that bad!) For all the hate the 2016 movie got, fans had to rejoice because it brought back a limited run of Ecto Cooler. With the new movie with Paul Rudd on the horizon, will it be back again? Let's hope so. In the meantime there are plenty of dupe recipes online, and I have tried at least two of them, and while they are yummy, they just aren't the same. Fingers crossed that we get a new line of drinks when the new movie finally drops! 


Nickelodeon Green Slime Ice Pops  
: ?  
Okay so I think these are technically back, but they are nothing like the bars I remember. Slime bars have gone through a few variations, the one I remember was a pack of blue, red and green popsicles in fruity flavors, with a slimy green bubble gum flavored center. Apparently the bars were rebooted in the 2000's with a sour lemon lime center, and then rebooted again as their lime and orange sherbet bars that you see online today. The version with the sweet center is what I really miss. Even though I am no fan of bubble gum, I remember really enjoying these and I can practically remember the textural experience of the center on my tongue. (Watermelon was easily the best flavor.) I more-so miss these for their texture than their flavor. Every now and again if you leave fruity popsicles in the freezer for too long they develop this thick, kind of slimy, exterior...and I am all about it! I don't understand how or why it happens, it's kind of like Russian roulette for me, but these pops were a sure fire way to have that experience and I miss it. 

Pop-Tarts Gone Nutty PB& J Strawberry  
: 2015 - ?  

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Strawberry is my go-to jelly for PB&J, and I was so happy to see that Pop-Tart agreed. Normally we see grape, or raspberry, in most grocery store products, but this? This was amazing. I don't even like peanut butter all that much, and I completely fell for these Pop-Tarts. It seems the Gone Nutty line as a whole didn't do all that well, I think all of them are now discontinued, but all three offerings were pretty darn great. It's a pity they've disappeared, but I am glad I got to try them. 
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