Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Space Bird Burgers, in Chip-form - Wavy Halo Moa Burger Pringles

Wavy Moa Burger
Just finished working an 11 hour shift, but I didn't want that to wreck my (mostly) consistent review posting streak. That said, I'm going to try and keep this one pretty short and please excuse any typos. I am very, very tired. Perhaps some extra calories will perk me up. 

This "limited" item has been out for quite some time now, and since I know next to nothing about Halo, and have been burned by a lot of limited edition Pringles flavors in the past, I was going to skip it. But I had to run out to Walmart for kitty litter and just so happened to see this on an end cap and thought, why not? 

Let's kick things off with a quick google search, "What is a Moa burger?" 

According to google, Moa are an in-game creature that looks like a dinosaur-emu-ostrich hybrid that comes from space, and seems to be the Halo-equivelent of Final Fantasy's Chocobo. Not only can you ride them, but they are also a source of in-game food. (Pretty sure you don't eat Chocobo though...can you?)

That said, Pringles claims that these chips taste like, "ground space bird, plus cheese, pickles, lettuce, onions, and an unidentified sauce." Sounds like a space-bird Big Mac. Artificially flavored of course.

When opened, it smells tangy, like dill pickles, with onion, some smokiness and a bit of vinegar. At first sniff I would definitely think this has a pickle-component, but I don't think I would mistake it for "burger."

The chips are ridged with a coating of yellow-orange seasoning.  

Popping a chip into my mouth, the ridges really do make the compressed potato-chip a lot more crunchy and substantial than usual. I never had a wavy Pringle before, but I kind of like it for it's texture alone. 

Does it taste like space? No. It tastes like salt, pickles, onion and a meat-y-ish umami flavoring that reminds me of Lawry's seasoned salt. There is a bit of a spicy after taste, on the medium-to-low end of the spicy snack food spectrum, which I like, but I find these to be really salty. Is something wrong with me? Am I tasting salt more than usual? Or are all these newer products drowning in sodium? The package says these have 290mg of sodium for 12 chips, is that a lot? That's only 10mg more than the wasabi chips. Maybe I'm dying?  

My first taste impression was immediate regret over buying these, but after a few chips they grew on me. I can only handle about 4 chips per sitting, and I like the spicy burn, but the saltiness makes me feel so dehydrated. I wouldn't buy these again, and with them being limited that probably isn't even an option, but it did make for a fun after-work snack and review. So they're not all that bad.  

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