Monday, October 4, 2021

Crazy Coated Candy Corn Combinations!

Nerds Candy Corn - Dollar Tree 

It's officially spooky season and I am so excited! Time to pop on a horror movie (Trick r' Treat is currently on HBO) and crack into some candy corn, but not just any candy corn, Nerds Candy Corn. 

This is not a Dollar Tree exclusive item, but it is a unique size. That said, fans of this candy are better off buying the big bags at Walmart or Target where you get 15oz for $3.00 or less, but that doesn't mean this tiny bag is a rip off. 

What this particular package lacks in savings, it more than makes up for in convenience. I have a ton of other stuff to review, I have never had it before, and it's candy corn. I don't dislike candy corn, but I have never in my life been able to finish an entire bag of it. With my vast candy-filled back-log to get through this month, having something this small leads to less food waste and prevents taste-bud fatigue. For that, I'll gladly pay the each cents per ounce. 

Other than the package being smaller than other versions, the overall design and branding is the same. We have colorful illustrations of the cartoon-y Nerds, with added capes, bat wings, and witch's hats, along with the silhouette of a castle in the distance. Other than that, and the product itself being candy-corn, that's all the Halloween spirit the designer could muster. It's a halfhearted attempt, but I'll accept it. 

We have 6 different colors, each being two or more flavors thanks to the combinations of the candy coating and inner-candy corn confections. (Try saying that three times fast!)  

Since the packaging advertises that the candy corn has a candy shell, I expected the outer layer to be thin and crispy, but it's actually soft and crumbly. Kind of like classic Nerds that are exposed to humidity. The outside seems to crumble and melt away while the interior has a soft, sugary, candy corn texture. 

Pink - Strawberry shell with strawberry grape inside: A classic Nerds combination, now in candy corn form. You get the bright, tangy immediately recognizable Nerds-strawberry with the slightly chalky but equally recognizable Nerds-grape. It's got a grape-heavy finish and it's really addicting.  

Purple - Grape shell with strawberry grape inside: Unfortunately not as great as the pink-version. This one is very grape-heavy with little to no pink-strawberry and a fairly strong, almost sour, tang. It's good, but I have never been a purple-only Nerds fan. If you love grape Nerds, you'll love this flavor. I am indifferent. 

- Strawberry-lemon shell with blue raspberry fruit punch inside: Outside of Rainbow boxes, I am not too familiar with these flavors. The outer shell gives me cherry-vibes, even though I know it's not, while the center is generically punch-flavored. 

Blue - Blue raspberry shell with blue raspberry fruit punch inside: Tastes vaguely blue, with a hint of something really artificial and "red." It kind of reminds me of a mix of Sweetarts and Smarties. 

- Orange shell with cherry-watermelon inside: An interesting combination. Orange was a rare flavor for me, something I have had in Rainbow boxes for years. It's a nice orange-juice-y flavor with a hint of chalky baby Aspirin, but the inside is more indistinct and mild. Not my favorite, but it seems like there aren't many in the bag, so that's a plus. 

Green - Watermelon shell with cherry-watermelon inside: this flavor is based on one of my favorite nerd boxes. It's a sweet, slightly tangy, mostly-watermelon flavored candy. I get a slight hint of cherry, but I don't mind the unbalance. It's pretty darn tasty!  

Safe to say, I like these more than normal candy corn. The variety of flavors keeps me interested, I like the tanginess, and the texture is just so bizarre that it's addicting. Sadly, not every flavor is a winner for me. The more I encounter orange the more medicinal it tastes and it makes me cringe. That said, this size is probably more than enough for my snacking needs. 

With it being so distinct from other candy corn offerings, I think it's definitely worthy of seasonal shelf space and I would love to see this return each year, maybe with a few different flavor variations, but I don't see myself upgrading to the big bags anytime soon. 

What other candy corn creations should I try this year?  


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