Wednesday, October 6, 2021

It's not a regular Red Vine, it's a cool-Red Vine - Candy Corn Red Vines

Candy Corn Flavored Red Vines - Michael's 

Kudos to Red Vines for taking a risk and releasing two different Halloween products, these Candy Corn Twists and these Ghoulish Grape Ropes (Which I couldn't find in-store.)

Grape ropes seem to be a solid, extruded, grape candy, which is a departure from their usual hollow straws. By comparison, this is just a flavor variant, but a fun seasonal one! (It's not a regular Red Vine, it's a cool-Red Vine.)

The packaging is very sweet and generically fall, appealing to those who shy away from spooky décor and ghastly ghouls. (I for one fully embrace the strange and unusual and display a healthy amount of Halloween décor year-round.) It did manage to catch my eye at the checkout in spite of it's lack of bats and pumpkins, so I can't pick on it too much. It's what's inside that counts, so let's see how these twists taste.  

Candy corn normally has a sweet, sugary, honeyed fondant aroma, but this smells nothing like that. This is sweet, but in a burnt sugar kind of way, richer than cotton candy, but not quite caramel. It's immediately familiar and yet, I can't put my finger on it. It's good, but in a weird, "I can't stop sniffing this," kind of way. 

Inside we have opaque orange-colored twists with hollow centers. Perfect for edible candy drinking straws, but they would likely taint the flavor of whatever you're sipping on. Depending on how these taste, that could be a plus.

I grabbed a twist, took a bite, and the results were...weird. 

Texturally these are fresh, soft, pliable, and pretty fun to wiggle about in your hands. More food-like and far less waxy than Twizzlers (which used to be decent when I was a kid, but now taste like waxy lip balm.) But when it comes to taste?

These do not taste anything like candy corn. They actually taste a lot like they smell. Sweet, vaguely deeper than corn syrup-y but not-caramel, with a maybe candy corn-like after taste. Kind of like artificial honey. Maybe that is what it is, with a hint of grandma purse candy. It also has a slight Circus Peanut kind of thing going on, but it's distinctly grandparent's candy bowl. Not the A-list candy you want to get for Halloween, but when there are no other options, it'll scratch the itch.  

Unique, weird, but not inedible. These are different, and kind of fun, but I can't really say that I enjoy them.  

I think the last time I ate Red Vines was in Portland a few years ago, so I am no stranger to them, but it's been a while. Red Vines tend to be lighter, softer, and differently flavored than Twizzler, and if I were forced to pick between the two, I'd likely go for Red Vines. That said, neither one is my true go-to licorice option. I'm a Darrel Lea's girl, through and through. 


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