Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Grapefruit Melon Project 7 Gum - Target

Grapefruit Melon Project 7 Gum - Target
Annnnd we're back! Sorry for the short hiatus; I've been really busy preparing for the Summer Fancy Food Show. It's this weekend in NY! This is my second year attending as a member of the press (so fancy!) and now that I know what to expect, I've been spending a lot of time preparing and packing.

Thanks to all that prep work I have some time to catch up on some foodie reviews!

Monday was the first day of summer and that night there was a Strawberry Moon? How freaking cool is that?! I may not have anything strawberry themed to review, but what's more summery than watermelon?
Recently I've been reviewing Project 7's Build-A-Flavor packs and I've been pretty critical of their doubled-up ziplock packages, but when it comes to these stand-alones, these pouches are great! We have lovely imagery, a clean layout, playful typefaces, and the bag re-seals easily so gum pieces don't scatter to the four corners of my purse. (Unless you like crushed lint-y gum pieces stuck to your bag's lining. I don't judge.)

These Project 7 gums typically have a mild scent that the average consumer would barely notice. I mean, they're not getting up close and sniffing this stuff like a weirdo I do, but as soon as I opened this package I could smell sweet citrus-y goodness. The aroma is a mixture of pink bubble gum and zesty grapefruit, and even though I normally hate bubble gum scents, this one was really refreshing and summery. Forget Cucumber Melon, Bath & Body Works, Grapefruit Melon is where it's at! This would make a great candle or lotion scent, but those things (obviously) aren't edible. Is this combination really something I want to chew on?
I popped a piece of gum into my mouth and started chewing, the flavoring starts out fairly mild but after the outer shell crumbles away you begin to taste tangy, zesty grapefruit with a sweet, almost lemonade-like, finish. As you chew the gum seems to taste sweeter and it starts to have a bit of that cooling effect that some artificial sweeteners have, which can be off putting for most fruity flavored candies, but here, it works! Especially for a summery flavor like this one.

I can't really taste the watermelon, but there is a refreshing fruity sweetness that's reminiscent of pink lemonade...but with grapefruit, and it's GOOD!

Project 7 is a great company and I love their mints but I have to admit, a lot of their gum flavors are misses for me. Up until now the only flavor I've repurchased is the Front Porch Lemonade, but this? This is giving that a run for it's money! This flavor is sweet, tangy, and complex enough to keep me interested, while the cooling effect provides welcome relief as I drive home from work with the windows down.

This flavor is great! I'd recommend it to grapefruit enthusiasts and fruit-infused-water addicts. (Speaking of, grapefruit and watermelon infused water sounds AMAZING. Gotta try that this summer.) Safe to say, I'll be repurchasing this one!
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  1. I'm little jealous that you are going to Fancy Food Show! I always wanted to go. I even tried to reach out to FFS to volunteer that I am willing to chip in and help. They said no. I want to meet the bloggers and spark ideas. I was thinking of setting up my blog that is video review based in English & American Sign Language. All videos but will includes captions for accessibility