Friday, October 27, 2023

Confectionary Fright-Flight? - Seasonal Sampler of Cotton Candy

Fun Sweets Seasonal Sampler - Walmart

A flight of seasonal cotton candy! What a great concept! 

Years of blogging has taught me that less is more. (As long as the price is right.) Buying entire packages of wacky flavored chips or cookies can be so wasteful. If limited edition flavors are released in smaller serving sizes, that's the way to go. That said, tiny tubs of novelty flavored cotton candy sounds absolutely perfect to me! 

Even though I've already tried and reviewed two of these flavors, the S'more and Candy Corn, I couldn't resist the idea of cranberry cotton candy. I pretty much bought this entire set just for that flavor alone. A wise decision?  We'll see...

- Opened, it smells sweet, fruity, and a little tangy. Popping a tuft into my mouth, it melts away quickly but allows for some chew as it breaks down. Initially, it tastes like classic pink-cotton candy, but the fruity flavoring reveals itself as it melts. Once it's broken down you get a fruity flavoring reminiscent of canned cranberry sauce with tons of confectioners sugar. It's got a more complex flavor than your classic pink-cotton candy, and I really like it. Easily my favorite of the bunch and I hope we see this come back in larger tubs next year. 

Pumpkin Pie
 - I could have sworn that I already reviewed this flavor, but nothing came up on the blog when I searched it, so maybe it's new? Opened, it doesn't exactly smell spiced, but it does have a warmer aroma than standard cotton candy. I was worried this would cross into candle-territory like so many other pumpkin themed products, but it's flavoring is quite subtle! So subtle it's hard to put a finger on it. Once you get through the sweetness there is a cozy warm vanilla and spice blend that just so slightly creeps in. Not enough where I would ever say this tastes like pumpkin pie, or even cinnamon, or pumpkin spice, but just enough to make this stand out from classic cotton candy and give me "fall vibes." Another winner here! It you're looking for a really dramatic flavor, you'll be disappointed, but I really like it's subtle approach. I would even buy this again in a stand alone larger tub! 

Caramel Apple
 - Here is where the personal bias creeps in. I like actual apples, I love caramel, but I don't like apple flavored candies. The only exception are these caramel-apple themed lollipops and even then, only the green ones. This was the one I was looking forward to the least. Opened I can smell spun sugar, caramel, but more-so the liquid caramel flavoring you'd see in a coffee shop than actual caramel, and that fake "green" apple flavoring most candies gravitate towards. I hate that fake apple flavor. Taking a bite, it's the boldest flavor so far, but that's a negative for me. The caramel flavoring comes through first, but it's a little over the top. Like the aforementioned coffee flavoring syrup. You know, that clear super liquid-y stuff that is caramel-flavored? That's what this tastes like, with an apple chaser. The apple flavoring does taste a bit more realistic than I expected, but it's overripe, like an apple with a few brown spots that kicked around your lunch bag a little too long. Mix that with intensely sweet over the top caramel flavoring, and you have this. If you love green apple flavored sweets, like the Caramel Apple Oreos (which I hated), you'll love this. But for my personal tastes, this is a dud. 

The flavors are well executed, the packaging is either recyclable or reusable (I like using the tubs for art supplies), and the portions are just enough to leave me wanting more. This was so much fun! I hope to see more seasonal packs like this for other holidays. 

What flavors would you want to see in a winter line-up? Right off the bat, I'd say EggNog and Hot Cocoa. If you're looking for a sweet seasonal treat, I would definitely pick this up before it disappears. 

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