Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Mr. Owl's Eggs? - Tootsie Roll Eggs

Tootsie Roll EggsDollar Tree

Tootsie Rolls are one of those products I never think to buy on their own, but I am always happy to see it in a candy dish or in a seasonal candy bag. They're simple, chewy, chocolatey, and unlike other candies, they still taste exactly how I remember them. (Can't say the same about Crunch bars or Buncha Crunch, have you guys eaten those lately? What the heck happened to it?!)

Other than a few new flavors of Tootsie Pops over the years, like banana, pomegranate and others, there hasn't been much innovation to their product line. Which is why these Tootsie Eggs, essentially Tootsie Rolls with a crispy sugary shell, were so intriguing. Would it drastically change my opinion on the candy? After all, I'm a sucker for a crispy shell. I love chicklet-style gum, I love the candy shell on Cadbury eggs, m&m's, and the Reese's cup with Reese's Pieces mixed in is phenomenal. Probably my favorite new thing Reese's has done in the last 5 years. So, why not see what a crispy shell can do for a classic like Tootsie. 


Inside the bag are individually wrapped "eggs" perfect for stuffing into Easter baskets, purses, pockets and...well, plastic eggs. (Egg-ception.) From what I have seen online these are also sold in bags loose, like typical Jelly Beans and other candies if you're looking to snack on these and avoid all the excess plastic.

Each shell is a pretty pastel shade, perfect for spring, but inside they're all the same. I unwrapped one and gave it a try. 


The shell gives away really easily, it's a thin sugary shell that's certainly sweet, but doesn't offer much in terms of flavor. It's maybe slightly thicker than a Peanut m&m, but not as thick as a Cadbury egg. Texture-wise, it adds a nice crunch, and it breaks away a lot like an m&m shell. The Tootsie Roll inside, however, is a bit different than usual. It has the same lovely chocolatey chew, but it's so much softer. Maybe the shell keeps it factory fresh longer than the normal wrapping? I found myself a little put off by the softer chew and texture, that felt more like a chocolate salt water taffy than my typical slightly stiff Tootsie Roll, but it grew on me. 

This turned out to be one of those "you don't love it at first, but somehow find yourself eating the entire bag,"-products. 

I gave a few away to friends, but for the most part I pretty much destroyed the entire bag myself. So while my initial reaction was lukewarm, I think it's safe to say I actually like these a lot.  

If you like Tootsie rolls, it's safe to say you'll like these. But it's worth noting that I don't think these are just Tootsie Rolls with a sugary shell, the change in texture and softness makes this unique, in a good way, but I would never want these to replace the original. I would love to see a fruit-flavored version though!

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